Sai Nursing Institute is committed to providing a safe, secure and harassment-free environment for all its students. Anti-ragging is an integral part of this commitment.

Ragging is a form of abuse and violence that not only physically and mentally affects the victims but also negatively impacts the educational and social environment of the institute. Therefore, ragging is strictly prohibited at Sai Nursing Institute and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

We take a zero-tolerance approach towards ragging and have implemented several measures to prevent and control the menace. This includes:

  • Awareness programs and workshops for students to understand the harmful effects of ragging and how to report it.
  • 24x7 Anti-Ragging Helpline for students to report any instances of ragging anonymously.
  • Strict disciplinary action against those involved in ragging, including suspension, expulsion and legal proceedings.
  • Regular monitoring and surveillance of the campus to prevent any instances of ragging.

We believe that every student has the right to pursue their education in a safe and secure environment and we are committed to creating an atmosphere that supports this. We request all students to cooperate in maintaining a ragging-free environment by reporting any instances they come across and by refraining from participating in any form of ragging themselves.